Early DAWN Publications

Between 1989 and 2002, DAWN Canada produced a significant number of publications, many of which continue to be relevant as they are based on research that has not been replicated to date.



Beating the Odds: Violence against Women with Disabilities.

Jillian Ridington, 1989

(Translated into Italian in 1998)


Different Therefore Unequal: Employment and Women with Disabilities.

 Jillian Ridington, 1989


Only Parent in the Neighbourhood: Mothering and Women with Disabilities.

Jillian Ridington, 1989


Who Do We Think We Are: Self-Image and Women with Disabilities.

Jillian Ridington, 1989


Visions Of Fight: A Journey of Thought by and about Women with Disabilities

Kelly Wheeler and Gem Wirszilas, Editors, 1989



Meeting Our Needs: An Access Manual from Transition Houses.

Shirley Masuda, with Jillian Ridington, 1992

(Translated into German in 1996 and into Italian in 1998).



Breaking the Cycle of Violence - Healing Our Lives

Monika Chappell and Tanis Doe, 1994


Safety Network Policing And Justice Report Responding to Violence Against Women with Disabilities: An Assessment of Judicial Training Needs

Monika Chappell, 1994


Don't Tell Me to Take a Hot Bath: Resource Manual For Crisis Workers.

Shirley Masuda, 1994



Relief...At What Cost? Women with Disabilities and Substance Use/Misuse: Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Summary of Themes.

Monika Chappell, 1996


Safety Network Community Kit: From Abuse to Suicide Prevention and Women with Disabilities.

Shirley Masuda, 1996


A Way Out: Women with Disabilities and Smoking.

Monika Chappell, 1987



The Impact of Block Funding on Women with Disabilities: Canada Health and Social Transfer.

(Report for Status of Women Canada)

Shirley Masuda, 1998


Women with Disabilities: The Social Construct of Access to Health.

Shirley Masuda, 1998




DAWNing; How to Start and Maintain a Group.

Joan Meister and Shirley Masuda , 1999


Women with Disabilities: We Know What We Need to be Healthy!

Shirley Masuda, 1999



Challenges of Change: Midlife Health Needs of Women with Disabilities

(in collaboration with the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health)

Marina Morrow (Pacific DAWN)


DAWN Early Publications List (PDFDocument)