Feb. 12, 2019

Employment Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (EOSD)




The Employment Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (EOSD) recruitment campaign is currently in progress.  Starting February 18, managers will have access to students applications in order to fill full-time and part-time summer jobs. 

Do not wait any longer!  We need you to encourage students with disabilities to take advantage of this unique opportunity by encouraging them to apply to EOSD right now!

EOSD represents an opportunity for students with disabilities to contribute their diverse skills through meaningful and interesting work in Canada's public service that aligns with their personal and professional interests.


Important: Don't forget to self-declare!  Under the Employment Equity self-declaration section of their application, students must answer 'YES' to the question 'Are you a person with a disability?'  Only those who self-declare and meet the Federal Student Work Experience Programeligibility criteria will be considered.


For the Workplace Accommodations in the federal public service, please find it here.