Aug. 18, 2014

Women's Worlds 2014: A message about inclusion

At the 2011 Women’s Worlds Congress, the organizers ensured that all women, including young and older women, women of colour, indigenous women, women with disAbilities and Deaf women, lesbians, queer, bisexual, and transgender women, were included in all aspects of the event. Bonnie Brayton, the national executive director of the DisAbled Women’s Network/Réseau d’action des femmes handicapées (DAWN-RAFH) Canada described it as a “model of inclusion and a paradigm shift” in feminist organizing. DAWN-RAFH’s president Carmela Hutchison says that “good inclusion is seamless” and that when it’s properly done, you don’t notice it. With this video, which uses footage from Women’s Worlds 2011, DAWN-RAFH Canada wishes to remind our sisters at Women’s Worlds 2014, and indeed all feminists and human rights activists, that this is what good inclusion looks like.