June 16, 2017

Information for IVLP Healing the Wounds of Trafficking Partners

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We have assembled a list of DAWN Canada resources for participants in the International Visitor Learning Program’s Healing the Wounds of Trafficking Tour, hosted by the United States Department of State, June 19 – July 7, 2017.  Additional resources from other sources are listed below.

DAWN Canada Resources on violence, disability and abuse:

- We can Tell! We will Tell – a public service announcement about the right to report abuse

- Learning brief 12: Violence against Women with Disabilities and Deaf women (Overview)

- Learning brief 11: Ableism – A form of Violence against Women with Disabilities

- Learning brief on violence against women with disabilities (ASL)

- Learning Brief on Experiences of Violence – Parts 1, 2 & 3 (ASL)

- National Accessibility and Accommodation Survey (NAAS) – sections 1, 2 & 3 – a tool to determine the level of accessibility of women’s shelters and transition houses

- Inclusive Practices Toolkit – a detailed guide for planning inclusive events and meetings

-Infographic – Supporting People with Disabilities who are Victims of Crime