June 1, 2023

Q&A : Accessing child care as a mother with a disability

NAAW Q&A Gemina


How was your experience accessing child care as a mother with a disability?

As a mother with a disability, I felt very awkward and embarrassed. Above all I felt stressed, since there was information I didn't understand because of my comprehension delays.

Were there any barriers to accessing child care?

It was really hard for me to find a daycare centre. The fees were beyond my means and income and the place was super far from home. Plus with my insomnia, it's hard for me with the weather and everything.

How did you feel accessing child care as a mother with a disability?

I felt super stressed, and the anxiety was overwhelming because it's so hard for me. Sometimes I felt suffocated by my anxiety attacks.

What does accessible child care mean to you? 

For me, accessibility means living a life without barriers and being able to live a balanced life and be supported throughout my journey. And to have a daycare centre close to home that's convenient and with people who look like my son.

What are some good practices that you've seen in terms of accessible child care?

I haven't experimented with this yet, but I'd say it would be good if the daycare workers helped us more in certain areas.

What are some recommendations that you have for policy-makers for creating a more accessible child care system? 

Have staff from different backgrounds and who know how to work with and support people with disabilities. Reasonable fees based on parents' salaries and specialized options for single parents.