Dec. 8, 2020

Recap: Indigenous Disability Awareness Month 2020

November 2020 is Indigenous Disability Awareness Month!

Thank you so much to BCANDS for their incredible awareness campaign, Indigenous Disability Awareness Month. This post looks back on DAWN Canada's contribution to this yearly campaign in which we were so honoured to take part.

We opened the month with a land acknowledgement video featuring Roberta Oshkawbewisens, Grandmother with NWAC:

Also during this video, we launched our brand new Hummingbird logo, created by Design De Plume, symbolizing hope, resilience, and a bright future. For more information about our logo, click here:

Throughout #IDAM2020, we invited Indigenous women with disabilities to write about their experiences. 

Michelle Beauséjour wrote about the intersections of disability, community and finding self sufficiency:

Melanie Marsden wrote about her life as an Indigenous woman with a disability:

Deseray Rich wrote about coping with disability by connecting to culture:

Lynn Gehl wrote about how Indigenous Women and Girls with Disabilities are Targets of Sexual Violence:

Larissa Crawford wrote about reimagining care and healing:

We also have BCANDS do a takeover of our twitter. Thanks, Erin!

Lastly, we hosted a workshop on Decolonizing Disability Feminist Activism, facilitated by Ta7talía Michelle Nahanee and Melanie Marsden. Thank you so much to our wonderful facilitators and participants!

Also, related to #IDAM2020, we posted a profile of Judi Johnny, an Indigenous woman with a disability who was a former board member of DAWN Canada, and the founder of Woman On Wings. This article was posted as part of our HERstory series:

Thank you so much to everyone who engaged with our tweets and spread the word about Indigenous Disability Awareness Month. This is a yearly campaign happening every November. 

Tell us: How will you be participating next year?